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When To Refer

Lyndon welcomes endodontic referrals from colleagues.

It’s not always easy to know when to refer a patient, especially with something as complex as endodontics.

Some modifying factors can increase the need for referral, including:

  • Canal angulation
  • Pathological resorption
  • Endodontic re-treatment
  • Difficult access
  • Dental trauma
  • Post removal
  • Patient’s medical history

If you are unsure about whether to refer, Lyndon is happy to discuss the patient with you.

How To Refer

Please provide as much detail as possible on the form, along with any relevant clinical history regarding pain, trauma, and previous endodontic treatment, or other information. This can help us in diagnosis and in our ability to prepare for your patient.

If you have radiographs, please forward them to us. Not only does it reduce the radiation dose to the patient, but it can assist us in estimating the complexity of the case and help us to assess the length of the appointments required. If required, we may take a CBCT scan of your patient at the clinic.

Once an appointment has been made, a confirmation letter will be sent to your patient.


  • If there are any necessary changes to the initial treatment plan, we will always liaise and communicate with you to ask how you would like your patient’s treatment to be continued
  • We will only treat what you ask us to treat. We will not accept referral patients for routine dental treatment at the The Root Canal Clinic, and will provide no treatment other than that agreed with the referring dentist and patient during the referral and consultation process
  • We kindly request that you only refer patients who are dentally stable, or who are being made stable through their current course of treatment. Patients with multiple carious teeth and untreated periodontal disease may not be suitable for complex treatments such as advanced endodontic treatment

If you would like to visit us at The Root Canal Clinic to discuss any cases or see our facilities, please let us know as we are always happy to build close relationships with our referring dentists.

Following completion of endodontic treatment, a report will be sent to you. It is then your responsibility to provide any appropriate restorative work.

We will never retain your patient and will ensure they are advised to return to you, once the treatment is completed.

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