Consultation £95
Investigation fee for restorability of tooth £175
Incisor/Canine Root Canal Treatment £550
Premolar Root Canal Treatment £595
Molar Root Canal Treatment £695
Temporary Crown £120
Fibre post/composite core build up £175
Assessment/Splinting after Dental Trauma £175
Removal of Fractured Post (includes new post-core) £145

All root canal treatment is undertaken on a private referral basis only. Patients will not be accepted for treatment without a referral from their dentist.

The cost of re-treatment cases varies depending on the complexity of the case. This will be discussed on the initial consultation appointment and a cost estimate will always be provided before commencing treatment.

Please be aware that appointments missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice will be charged at a rate proportionate to the length of the missed appointment.

The Root Canal Clinic

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